Locomotives of the S&DJR   S&DJR Coaching Stock

25 December 2013

Coaching stock used on the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway is far harder to research than the locomotives used at any time in the line's history.

The information is pretty thin, especially for the pre-Nationalisation period, but the table below attempts to gather together all the available data in order to provide a single source of information.

Prior to 1930, the S&DJR used its own coaching stock, mostly consisting of six and four wheeled stock that was withdrawn very soon after 1930. All of it would have been painted in Prussian Blue, possibly with gold lining-out.

During the 1930-1948 period, the coaching stock seems primarily to have been SR green, although it's entirely possible that Crimson Lake LMS stock crept in from time to time, especially on services from the Midlands.

Because of the photos taken by several people in the post-war period, especially those of Ivo Peters, the information on early Nationalisation coaching stock is much better.

Any potential mistakes are, of course, entirely unintentional. Any gaps can be filled, so please get in touch here with any additional information.





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Locomotives of the S&DJR   S&DJR Coaching Stock