OTHER MODELLING WORK: Sourcing Parts for Loco Kits


29 March 2016

Building kits of N Gauge locomotives can be enjoyable and very rewarding, even if it's often a very slow process that can take months of small stages of work to complete, but sometimes the complexity of parts that are required to put together some of the locomotive sub-classes or variations can be bewildering.

Often the differences between one loco and another can be minor, even in the same sub-class. But many modellers will want to produce a precise copy of the real loco for their selected period, so it's important to know what's needed.

The table below is an attempt to put as much as possible of the complexity down in writing so that some of the important questions can be answered right away. It may mean savings in buying parts and will certainly make easier the process of working out what's right for a particular locomotive at a given time.

There are bound to be gaps in the data shown here, so please get in touch here if you have any recommendations for other parts.





Main Sources

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Online Sources

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